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Domestic Excess Baggage Moves Australia

Despite the expansive-sounding name, Seven Seas Worldwide doesn't just send items overseas. No, we're here for the smaller trips. Let's say you want to move to another city, another town, or even just one street along, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to assist.


Let's face it.

A house move is stressful regardless of distance, so it pays to plan ahead to ensure a smooth journey to your new address.

We provide a range of services for the shorter moves called Nationwide Mini Moves, City Moves and the Domestic MoveCube®, all tailored to suit your removal needs. The same network is in place to ensure a safe and smooth delivery but as there are no enormous container ships involved in the journey, you'll get your boxes much sooner.

As with the overseas shipping orders, we can send you boxes and packing materials for all your packing needs. We want you to do a good job, you see. Then we'll return to collect your packed boxes and whisk them away to your chosen destination, door-to-door. 

Australia Baggage Mini Moves

Watch How Our Domestic MoveCube® Works:

The Domestic MoveCube®

Now we can either collect your boxes and put them in the back of one of our vans or, if you're moving a significant amount of personal belongings including furniture, you can hire a Domestic MoveCube® to do the job.

In case you're not aware of our highly successful service, the MoveCube® is a container which arrives at your door on a trailer. And very snazzy it looks too.

Once the MoveCube® has been filled to suit your needs, we'll take it away again and park it outside the door of new home for unloading. It's a great idea and is proving very popular with customers all over the world.

If you have one or two furniture items or simply a lot of loose items you would rather not have to pack into individual boxes to send then perhaps you should look at our Domestic MoveCube; your personal container for removals.

For more information about our services, take a look at our video and call a member of our team today on 1300 21 66 98 or get an instant quote now.

Our prices include

» Shipping within our own directly controlled network gives you clear and transparent pricing at the origin and destination 

» Specially toughened packing boxes with bubblewrap and tape delivered to your home to start packing - Don't be caught short, take a few extra, you only pay for what you send.

» We offer specialist boxes for non-standard items to make sure everything arrives how it left! - This includes suitcases, sports equipment: bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards, etc, and musical instruments: guitars, violins, etc. These will be placed in boxes following collection from your address.

» Our drivers' delivery and collection times are scheduled and communicated to you the night before - It's essential to make sure all your contact details are correct, as this stage is essential.

» 2 weeks free storage included, if needed, before being sent - Check our terms and conditions for more information.

» Online real time tracking of your shipment and regular communication keeping you informed at every stage - Be sure to log into your account and get in touch if you have any questions.

» 3-stage payment plan - to allow budgeting and maximum flexibility

» All stages of your shipment can be managed by you with your online account with us - Log in, upload your documents and track your shipment from the comfort of your own home.

» Self packing your shipment but with supporting packing videos to assist - We have loads of videos in our Help section and, if you have a question about something that you can't find, send us a message. We're here to make sure you get the best possible service.

» 24/7 availability; our multi-lingual advisors will assist you in answering any question or concern - Our call centre operated in multiple time zones.


Seven Seas is a great company, I would recommend them to anyone thinking of shipping goods over seas. They were very helpful at the packing stage and made special efforts to deliver the packing boxes in advance to my address. The flat pack boxes are strong and can be ordered in a choice of sizes from Seven Seas which are included in the whole service. This really helped me get on with packing as it can be an emotional process moving your life overseas.

Andrew Nichols, April 2018