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Our depots are located in the major cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We have two Hubs: New York for the East Coast and Los Angeles for the West Coast, where shipments of excess baggage and personal belongings are cleared through the US Customs Service. Whether you're sending holiday luggage or other personal belongings, talk to Seven Seas Worldwide today about affordable and secure door-to-door relocation.


  • 超額的行李可以是小至日常用品或大至滑浪板及高爾夫球杆等,不同尺寸的紙箱以符合你的需要
  • 提供免費的大和標準紙箱和包裝材料,多餘的紙箱可退還給司機,運費會因而調整
  • 紙箱會先送給客人,方便隨時裝箱
  • 預約司機到地址收箱
  • 收箱後為自行車、滑雪板、衝浪板甚至電視機等不規則物件免費裝箱
  • 我們第三次訪問將在您選擇的美國目的地的門口卸下箱子。



有關我們服務的更多信息,請查看我們的視頻,並致電+852 2724 6698聯繫我們團隊成員,或立即獲得即時報價

Simply the best. Always keeping me informed and always having someone there to talk to immediately. It just makes you super confident that everything is going ok and there's nothing to worry about.

Brian Connolly, February 2018