Introducing the MoveCube™

We know what you’re thinking. ‘What the heck is a MoveCube™’? Well it could just be the future of moving. That’s all. Let us explain:

The MoveCube™ is a large, sturdy shipping container, designed for international and domestic moves, that we bring to your door inside a trailer. We leave the trailer with you, you fill the MoveCube™ and we’ll pick it up to take it to its final destination. How about that?


MoveCube™ – Small Removals: The MoveCube™ can move your items within the city you currently live or ship them to another city abroad. All you have to do is make sure it’s full. With the MoveCube™, we can adapt our service to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re moving out of a studio flat, the Medium, MoveCube™ is the option for you. If you’re moving out of a two bedroom flat, we suggest going for the large MoveCube™.

The MoveCube™ is designed to take large, bulky items such as the beds, living room and dining room furniture. Extra stuff such as clothes and books can be shipped in individual boxes.

Take a look below at the dimensions of our MoveCubes™:


Height 1.871m      Width 1.114m       Length 0.964m     Volume 2.01m³


Height 1.871m      Width 1.464m       Length 1.112m     Volume 3.05m³


Height 1.871m      Width 1.464m       Length 2.264m     Volume 6.20m³


The team at Seven Seas Worldwide are here to ensure the smooth transition of all excess baggage, personal belongings and student essentials, almost anywhere in the world. We know how important it is that your items are collected, shipped and delivered on time so we’ve made the process as simple as possible.

MoveCube™ – City Moves: For moving within the city, we recommend the large MoveCube™ - More space to get all your belongings from city-to-city with less worry of hiring vans, paying for fuel or begging friends to help drive your things from London to Liverpool.

For all services we’ll also throw in a trolley to help you transport the larger items from your home to the MoveCube™ successfully. Yes, we’ve thought of everything.

So where do you have to live to take advantage of this fantastic door-to-door service? Well, here’s the list:


• United Kingdom
• Australia
• New Zealand (Auckland & Wellington)
• South Africa
• Thailand
• Hong Kong
• China (door-to-door for Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu)

Oh and apart from Thailand, we also ship out to these locations too.

A few pointers: For the smaller City Moves, we will drop off your MoveCube™ of choice - small, medium or large, in the morning and collect the trailer in the afternoon, allowing you about 4-5 hours to pack the box full. If you need it any longer, there will be a charge. Also a non refundable deposit will be required while you have the MoveCube™. Sorry but we’re very fond of our MoveCubes™ and we don’t want anything to happen to them.

We’ll help you with the packing by throwing in free packing materials consisting of parcel tape, a tape gun and a big marker pen. For an additional fee you can order other packing materials, such as our industry-leading, super strong boxes, furniture covers and bubble wrap.

SMS messages will be sent out the night before telling you the hour window in which we will be arriving. A further SMS message will be sent out during the morning too, so no oversleeping.

For more details, contact us by email or call a member of the Seven Seas Worldwide team on your regional number listed on our Contact Us page.

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