Parcels FAQs and Videos

Check out the parcels FAQs and videos below for all matters box-related.

How Does Mini and Metro Moves Work?

If you wish to transport your personal belongings within the same city or country, Mini and Metro Moves can take care of all your moving needs. Our handy video explains what we do and how we do it. Take a look.

How Does Pack and Store Work?

Pack and Store is a service that helps you store your belongings between moves in one of our safe and secure storage facilities. It's the cheaper alternative to expensive self-storage. And this is how it works.

How Big are Your Boxes?

We have boxes for all sorts of items from TVs and bikes to skis and surfboards, but our most popular boxes are the following:

The Large Box 
The large packing box we supply is called a ‘Large Box’ or ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Large Box are 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width). This box is particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen and sports equipment.

The Standard Box
The standard packing box is called a ‘Standard Box’ or ‘Book Box’. The dimensions of the Standard Box are 51cm (height), 41cm (depth) and 31cm (width). This box is designed to accommodate the heavier items such as books, albums, files, CDs, hand tools, that sort of thing.

Give the team a call or email via the Contacts page to see how we can help you with packing your stuff.

Is there a weight limit for Mini and Metro Moves?

No individual box, bag or suitcase must exceed 30kg. You must ensure that the maximum weight is not exceeded - not the driver's! In the event boxes are found to be overweight then the excess weight will be removed and repacked into another box. If the majority of the items to be collected are found to be overweight, then it is at the driver’s discretion to fail the collection and ask you to reschedule. The driver has a timed schedule to keep and there is very little room for delay. Please make sure to adjust the supporting documentation to reflect the change.

If an item has a weight in excess of 30kg and it is indivisible then we may recommend using the MoveCube service to proceed.

Can I send items in plastic bags and plastic containers?

We recommend you pack glasses, whether they are shot glasses, tumblers or even fine wine glasses, into plastic bags. If they crack or shatter whilst in transit then fragments of glass will not be embedded in your clothes. Similarly if you are shipping shampoos or even soy sauce without plastic protection, then you may  avoid having a laundry bill to face when you unpack.

If you are planning to send anything in plastic containers, particularly the transparent box types, we strongly recommend you repack them into our boxes. We have found these plastic containers to be very unsatisfactory: they shatter and the plastic shards are a hazard to our staff. Worse than that the dimensions of these items include the overhang for the handle so you are being charged for space you cannot use. Why bother?  We offer boxes free for you to pack so please use them, you will not find anything better!

What is the procedure?

It's a simple process whereby you order boxes and packaging from us first, allowing you to pack to your specifications. Once this step has been completed, it is up to you to call us and arrange a collection date. We will then return at the agreed day to collect all your boxes. From there, we will either put them in storage or immediately transfer them to your chosen destination within the United Kingdom. In most cases we will be able to deliver your consignment to your new address, so you don't have to be anywhere but at home. For more information, check out the Parcels homepage.

Can I follow the driver and van to the destination address?

The driver will not be travelling directly to your address, he has a schedule of other jobs in the locality to deliver and collect. There is no point following him.

In addition, the driver cannot take passengers. This is not covered under the vehicle's insurance and he is under instructions not to give anyone a lift either to the end of the road or the other side of the town. This is strictly prohibited.

Why aren't you associated with IAM?

All your shipments are moved within the Seven Seas Worldwide Group, which is based in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and the UK, where the Head Office is located. This is a unique structure within the international relocation industry where in almost all cases a shipment is received by either an entirely independent company or a franchisee company operating under a brand. We are a centrally-controlled network under the same ownership throughout the group.

Therefore whether you call us in the USA, Singapore or New Zealand, you will be dealing with the same group with the same operational procedures in every country and if it does change, we will tell you.

It was for this reason that we could not see the advantage of being part of local removals association such as the International Association of Movers (IAM), since there was little they could provide us that we did not already have in place.

Why is there a minimum charge?

The minimum charge exists to protect the company from undertaking jobs that are too small to be economically viable.