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Student Group Shipping UK to Malaysia

Seven Seas Worldwide is offering a new service MoveCube Group Shipping to Malaysia. If you are sharing a flat or apartment with other students or friends, then this could be the easiest and cheapest shipping solution for you.

Whatever you’re transporting – clothes, laptops, books, CDs, DVDs, a cuddly toy - anything so long as it fits in either our large boxes (61 x 51 x 41 cm) or standard boxes (51 x 41 x 31 cm) and the best bit is we deliver the boxes directly to your home. Don't worry if you have suitcases, you can send those too.

You will pack these into a MoveCube at your address. A MoveCube is basically a big container that comes in two sizes for this service: Small and Medium. Once packed, the MoveCube is sealed shut and is not re-opened until it arrives in Malaysia - completely secure. Then each group member's shipment (whether it's one box or more) is delivered to their home address. It could not be simpler!

So how does Group Shipping work?

You select a Group Leader, this person must be going back to Malaysia. The Group Leader calls us and arranges the delivery of free boxes to pack, together with bubble wrap, tape and a simplified set of shipping documents. The Group Leader needs to complete these documents with the Groups's assistance principally the Inventory and Insurance form.

Once everything is packed the Group Leader should then arrange for the MoveCube to be delivered. A time will be sent out the day before giving the delivery and collection times. When it arrives, you load it and any suitcase will be place in our other free boxes by our driver before being packed in the MoveCube. Should all take under an hour, then the driver seals the MoveCube up and that is it until you receive it in Malaysia.

If you're the Group Leader, here's what you need to do.

Place the order and pay the deposit.
Complete one set of shipping documents.
Ensure no boxes and bags exceed the 30kg maximum weight allowance.
Ensure all items are packed and ready for loading on the date you arranged.
Group Leaders are required to accurately record the following:

The contents of all items on the Inventory/Insurance forms.
The details of each group member’s destination address including the postcode, contact telephone number, email address.
The box numbers for each member’s shipment.
Photos of each group member’s shipment before it is loaded.
This information should then be emailed to [email protected] Group Leaders travelling back to Malaysia might like to know they will enjoy £5 off the final payment.

For more information, chat to a member of our team, call us now on 0333 733 7337.