End of Term Moving, Shipping & Storage

boarding school shipping

We make the passage to and from boarding school, safe, secure and affordable with a minimum of fuss for both parents & pupils.

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To assist your child or pupil to travel light at the end of term we specialise in a comprehensive Baggage service sending school trunks, suitcases even end of year school work all over the world. If your child needs a more substantial service to take care of sports equipment, furniture or larger items ask about our MoveCube®.


Seven Seas Worldwide has been operating for twenty years, sending excess baggage, personal belongings and household items throughout the world, and we know a thing or two about the best way to approach moving your possessions Door to Door. We're here for virtually every eventuality, whether your children are moving within the UK (city-to-city) or starting at a new boarding school in the UK or abroad. Plus if you're a tutor or houseparent also in need of assistance before the start of a new term, we have a number of methods to get you from A to B (and back again) with ease.


If you require storage for your child's belongings before transferring them back to the same address or to a new one, we can help for both the short & long term, with 2 weeks FREE when shipping overseas.

For all your child's needs to or from boarding school, talk to us today on 0333 733 7337. Our multilingual team are always happy to help 24/7.