Get a Little Bit Back – Claiming Tax Back

Claiming Tax Back

Are you eligible for a tax refund? That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? Have a look at see if you’re owed anything with Seven Seas Worldwide.

So what are the benefits of using our team for claiming your tax back? Good question. Here are some reasons:

  • If you don’t get a refund we won’t expect a fee
  • The commission will be discounted if you have shipped items with us
  • We have a specialist team on hand to retrieve your employment documents
  • We will provide you with a separate client bank account for your protection to process all refunds
  • Refunds will be transferred worldwide in your currency to your overseas bank account

Now here’s some information about tax refunds in the UK:

What is a tax refund?

Glad you asked. A tax refund is an amount that HM Revenue & Customs will give back to you if you have paid more Income Tax than was due.

When is a refund most common?

You could get a refund when you leave employment before the end of the fiscal year (April 5th). Alternatively you are entitled to claim tax back when you have been taxed under a wrong or emergency tax code and in cases when your total earnings during the year were less than the personal tax allowance (£11,200 for the 2017/18 tax year).

How do I get a refund estimate?

You can call us on +44 (0) 2088341326 number and we will ask for the total amount you have earned and the total tax you have paid on your latest P45 or P60. Or email our tax team at for a tax application pack.

How long should I be expecting to wait for a refund?

Once we have received your completed Tax Back pack it should take an average of 4 weeks. If we have to contact your former employers for a statement of earnings it may take a little while longer, but don’t worry, we’re on the case.

I have lost my work documents, can you still help?

Oh that’s unfortunate. But yes we can. We can contact any of your previous employers on your behalf to request a statement of earnings to replace any P45s or P60s you may have misplaced or never received. We will only request work documents that we deem suitable to your claim.

How do I check how my claim is coming along?

Oh that’s easy too. Just email or call us any time of the day. One of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

How will I find out about receiving my full refund entitlement?

We ensure that all customers receive official notifications showing how their refund is calculated.