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Seven Seas Worldwide are working in partnership with Penny Lane Homes to bring an unbeatable discount offer to help move your personal belongings, both locally and globally.

All you have to do is make an order with us, quote the Discount Code 15PLH10 and get £20 OFF each MoveCube®.

When it comes to moving and storage, Seven Seas Worldwide have introduced a revolutionary approach that just might change the world of removals forever!

The MoveCube®

  • The MoveCube® is your own personal shipping container, designed for international and domestic moves.
  • We bring the MoveCube® to your home address for you to pack with your belongings.
  • Later we’ll turn up to collect it for transporting to its final destination: nationally or internationally.

The MoveCube® is ideal for furniture removals but frankly, if it fits inside the container and isn't unreasonably heavy or hazardous, we'll take it!

Watch how our International MoveCube® works:

The StoreCube™

  • The StoreCube™ works just like the MoveCube® except that it's a storage container.
  • We leave the StoreCube™ with you.
  • You load the StoreCube™ with your boxes, bags and furniture.
  • We’ll turn up a few hours later to move to one of our secure storage facilities.
  • Whenever you want your items back, just give us a call and we'll return them to you.

With the StoreCube™ your days of visiting brightly-coloured storage buildings will be a thing of the past! Instead, your storage space comes to visit you.

For more information about our range of services, check out the website or call a member of our team. And if you want to make an order with us today, don't forget to use our special Discount Code 15PLH10 in partnership with Penny Lane Homes.