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Relocating within the UK

The Domestic MoveCube® is your very own mini container brought directly to your home for loading and transporting to your new chosen destination, safely and securely.

We can move virtually anything up to 1.25 tonnes per MoveCube® (from a studio flat to 3 bedroom house). Relocating you, from town-to-town or city-to-city, safe & sound.

Here's how it works
30 second quick quote

30 second quick quote 
Try a quick quote for clear transparent pricing to compare

MoveCube® selection
We deliver your empty MoveCube® & collect them packed.

FREE storage
We offer an optional 2wks FREE storage to help you plan your move.

Your MoveCube® is securely moved within our nationwide network.

Home delivery
At an arranged time we delivered to your new address for you to unpack.

Here's what's included

Seven Seas Worldwide directly controls all parts of the shipping process whether through its own companies or partners. We direct the process in both the country from which you are shipping from and in the country to which you are shipping.

No hidden charges guarantee

The MoveCube®s are delivered to your address either in a vehicle capable of carrying two large MoveCube®s or a smaller van capable of carrying one large MoveCube, this capacity is often increased by adding a trailer for another MoveCube®. This is dictated by the rules and regulations in your specific country.

An online inspection is undertaken of your address, if this does not provide enough information or the information is out-of-date, then a physical inspection will be required.

The kinds of things the driver will be checking include:

  • the angle of the road
  • the clearances from trees and other vegetation
  • low hanging cables

We recommend that you are in attendance to discuss where you would like the vehicle to be positioned for loading (or unloading at the destination) as well as where the item should be positioned prior to packing.

The driver will often deliver the Starter Pack, see “What is a Starter Pack and why do I need it?” and any additional boxes you have purchased.

Parking our vehicle and trailer or backing our vehicle and trailer is entirely at the driver’s discretion. Despite an online or on-site inspection being conducted first, the weather or traffic conditions on the day may have to vary what was agreed. This change may have a bearing on the “Time on Site”.


We deliver a Starter Pack to our MoveCube® customers to help them start the process of moving.

The pack contains:

  • a measuring tape,
  • a knife,
  • a tape dispenser & a roll of brown packing tape and
  • a black marker pen.

In addition, it also contains three plastic sheets: blue, white and red.

Each of the plastic sheets represents the floorplan of each size of our MoveCube®s:

  • Large MoveCube® (blue),
  • Medium MoveCube® (white)
  • Small MoveCube® (red)

These allow you to lay them out on your floor and start working out where you can put items within the MoveCube®.

In addition, you will receive some complimentary boxes with the Starter Pack if you are shipping to Australia or New Zealand, these are “Shoe Boxes” and we ask that, once you have cleaned the soles, you pack all your shoes, boots, sandals, etc into these boxes. These white boxes should be positioned at the door of the MoveCube® to permit easy recovery in the event of an inspection by the quarantine authority; inspection of shoes is usually the extent of the inspection and minimises disruption of the MoveCube®.

These are the different combinations that can be delivered in our vehicles on one visit to your address:


1 Small MoveCube                                                          (Total volume = 2.01 cubic metres = 71 cubic feet)

1 Medium MoveCube                                                    (Total volume = 3.05 cubic metres = 107 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube                                                          (Total volume = 6.20 cubic metres = 219 cubic feet)


2 Small MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 4.02 cubic metres = 142 cubic feet)

2 Medium MoveCubes                                                  (Total volume = 6.10 cubic metres = 214 cubic feet)

2 Large MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 12.4 cubic metres = 438 cubic feet)


1 Medium MoveCube and 1 Small MoveCube     (Total volume = 5.06 cubic metres = 178 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube and 1 Small MoveCube           (Total volume = 8.21 cubic metres = 290 cubic feet)

1 Large MoveCube and 1 Medium MoveCube     (Total volume = 9.25 cubic metres = 326 cubic feet)


3 Small MoveCubes                                                        (Total volume = 6.03 cubic metres = 213 cubic feet)


All other combinations of MoveCube sizes are subject to the vehicles weight limitations of the specific origin and destination country.

You can arrange for the MoveCube delivery and collection (once packed) online or over the phone. We need a minimum of 36 hours’ notice so please do not leave it to the last minute.

You can pack your possessions directly into a MoveCube® from your home, garage or storage unit. Once full, the MoveCube® is closed, sealed and will not be re-opened until it arrives at your new address.

See What is the best way to load my MoveCube®?

There is no charge for storage for a two-week period, but you must inform us if you require storage and for how long you need us to store your MoveCube® BEFORE it has been collected.

Using the two-week storage, allows you to pack multiple MoveCube® during that period without incurring additional charges for holding those MoveCube® you have already packed. However, you must complete your online documentation for each MoveCube® that has been collected to enjoy this benefit.

All parts of the process are manageable from your dashboard. From booking and payment to completing the required documentation. The only exception may be the delivery of your MoveCube® at the destination when we will contact you to agree on a date.

What does an online dashboard do?

When you start the moving process & book your MoveCube®, we ask that you pay a security deposit. This is not an extra charge but a prepayment of the “transportation” charge.

Once your packed MoveCube® are collected the final stage will be making payment for the "transportation” – as mentioned the deposit will be deducted from that total.

Advantages of the Domestic MoveCube®?

  • A controlled nationwide network owned by Seven Seas Worldwide
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Free storage options
  • A two-part payment to help you budget
  • Total security and protection of your items from A-B
  • An online document system meaning no more paperwork!

* Our secure MoveCube® service is only available in the areas around our local depots in the major cities. However, in order to assist those people much further outside the city, we also offer the opportunity to pack a MoveCube® at the Seven Seas Worldwide depot nearest to you.

3rd time using seven seas to move cross-country. Provided boxes and materials are of great quality, they're very careful with the boxes and none of my belongings were damaged. Reasonable price (Including insurance!) and would recommend to anyone needing to move cross-country

Ryan Wilson, September 2018