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Your FREE 'Starter Pack'

Once you have decided on the MoveCube® service, we deliver to you the 'Starter Pack' (contents below). The coloured floor sheets are particularly useful to assess how many MoveCube® you may require.

We also supply a full range of boxes and packaging to protect your contents during transportation. When you book your MoveCube® you will be able to select and purchase as many specialist boxes & packaging as you need.

More about your 'Starter Pack'

This pack is delivered to help you prepare, before the arrival of your MoveCube® 
(All visuals are indicative)

1 x Brown tape 
Always securely tape the bottom of your boxes before packing

1 x Bubble wrap
Perfect for your more fragile contents (300mmx100m)

1 x Knife 
To cut & size bubble wrap for wrapping your fragile items

1 x Marker pen 
Complete name & destination details on the side of each box

1 x Measuring tape 
Measure items that may require specific boxes for the right fit

1 x Tape gun 
Packing essential when assembling lots of boxes & wrapping up

3 x Floor sheets
Guide on the floor space for the small, medium & large MoveCube®

We supply specialist packing boxes for the following items to help you pack & safely transport your contents

All packaging can be purchased online during the order process.
(All visuals are indicative)

Adult & Child bicycles
Protective reinforced boxes for both sizes, bikes require part dismantling 

Box- large
General packing box, 61cmx51cmx41cm (24"x20"x16"), maximum weight 30kg/ 66lbs 

Box- standard
For books or half box, 51cmx41cmx31cm (20"x16"x12"), maximum weight 30kg/ 66lbs

Bubble wrap
Ideal for wrapping all your fragile items, place these in the centre of your box (one roll-10metres)

Specialist wardrobe box to send your clothes hanging rather than folded

Golf clubs
Specialist protective box is designed to accommodate both your golf clubs & bag

Large or small, we have specialist boxes to protect your guitar(s)

Specialist protective polythene covers for single, 3/4, double & king size mattresses

Picture & mirrors
Use strengthened boxes and blue protective foam corners for extra protection 

Pushchair or buggy
We have a specialist box to protect your pushchair & avoid any damage

Removal blanket
Perfect protective covers for your furniture, 200cmx150cm (80"x60")

Pack your skii's securely in our specialist skii box for maximum protection

This specialist box provides ideal protection of the board & bindings

Sofa suite
We supply protective polythene covers for a single arm chair, 2 seater & 3 seater sofa's

There is a full range of boxes to fit & protect all your different sized suitcases

We have specially designed this box to safeguard your surfboard

TV/ monitor
Strengthened boxes from 15" to 52" screens, we also recommend a polythene cover

Washing machine cover
We recommend a strengthened polythene cover before packing in the MoveCube®

When possible, please use the original packaging in which the item was purchased (including polystyrene supports).

 Please completely drain all pipes/ plumbing from your washing machine, fridge or dishwasher before packing.