Great Student Storage Offers from Seven Seas Worldwide!

Student Storage Offer

Choose Seven Seas Worldwide for unbeatable prices on student storage. Spend just R15 for 1 Standard Box (weighing up to 30kg) per week!

We don't just move your personal belongings from A to B, you know. Oh no.

Seven Seas Worldwide offers the perfect solution should you need a place to store your items before they’re transported to their final destination. We offer affordable student storage all over the country – and we’ll even pick up and deliver what you’ve stored so you don’t have to carry it around yourself!

Once you've decided you want your personal belongings returned from our secure storage facility, simply arrange a date and time with us and we'll redeliver them to your original address or to a new address.

Also, don't worry about booking the right sized storage 'room' - you'll only pay for the space you need. 

Oh and if you have a lot to store, we'll provide a StoreCube™ for the job, our new and revolutionary approach to storage!

You can start your journey right now and take advantage of our offer of just R15 for 1 Standard Box (weighing up to 30kg) per week! Get a free online quote now via our freight calculator or give us a call on toll free 0800 21 66 98.