Discounted Group Shipping for Students

Group Shipping for Students

Are you moving to or from student accommodation at the same time as a group of friends? Here’s a thought – why don’t you all move together? Think of the tom you’d save.

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a range of services ideal for group shipping. Whatever you’re transporting – clothes, furniture, laptops, books, CDs, overly weighty boxed sets, a cuddly toy you’ve yet to grow out of, anything – we can be on hand to collect your boxes from your address and redeliver to your chosen destination. We've even got a handy guide on how to pack your stuff for group shipping, because we're awesome like that.

We can also provide storage solutions so if you don’t need your items straight away, we can store them safely until you want them redelivered. There aren’t many companies who will do this for you.  That’s because we’re just a little bit nicer. And we haven’t even mentioned the fact we throw in free boxes, marker pen, parcel tape and bubble-wrap.

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