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Paul C is an engineer and when the opportunity arose for him to move with his family to Perth he accepted and started his search to find the right provider.

There are a number of different options available and, as Paul knew that he had time to prepare and pack, and he wanted the kid's to get to the end of the school year, he kept his options open.

Full packing services were not really necessary as Paul knew that he wanted to arrange everything just how he liked it, plus... he knew that he had to declutter before he went.

When Paul found Seven Seas Worldwide he had received quotes from other companies that claimed to offer "all-in" pricing but he knew that customs at the ports in Oz hadn't been included.

Paul's quote from Seven Seas included a breakdown of costs including the fees that are charged through Seven Seas Worldwide as part of import duties.

Paul checked online and as he had a couple of questions he gave the freephone number a call to discuss his needs in more detail.

He even used Seven Seas Worldwide's handy videos and guide to help pack his items safely and securely.


Seven Seas Worldwide helped Paul move from the UK to Australia, Using our Door-to-Door service, with assisted loading all for £1,423 before Taxes and Duties.