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Insure Your Goods with Us When You Move

No Cover

Seven Seas Worldwide strongly recommends you take some form of insurance cover: accidents happen, and insurance is there for the unforeseen event! Our insurance covers: Basic and Premier, are setup for “unaccompanied baggage or household belongings”, if you choose your own please make sure this is included.

Basic Insurance

Basic protects you against the loss of some or all the “receptacles” in your job. A receptacle is an item within which you pack your personal and household belongings such as baggage: suitcase, holdall, bag, box, or, the MoveCube®. The charge for baggage is 3.5% of the repurchase value of the contents of each receptacle, and for each MoveCube®, 2% of the repurchase value. The repurchase value should be stated in the currency of the country you are leaving. Basic does not protect you against damage to, or, partial loss of, the contents of your receptacles.

Premier Insurance

Premier protects you against everything offered by Basic: the loss of some or all the receptacles in your job, where a receptacle is an item within which you pack your personal and household effects such as baggage or the MoveCube®. Premier also protects you against partial loss, theft or damage of the contents of each receptacle or MoveCube®, see the Terms and Conditions below. The charge for baggage is 5% of the repurchase value of each receptacle’s contents, and for the contents of each MoveCube®, 3% of the repurchase value. The repurchase value should be stated in the currency of the country you are leaving.

It's probably cheaper than you think to get fully covered.

How To Calculate Your Premier Insurance Cover

Below is a table of calculations. There is no maximum insurable value for any one box.

(Replacement Value is the cost to replace the item - Insurance cover is calculated at 5% of the replacement value)

Replacement value - 250

5% Insurance cover - 12.50

Replacement value - 750

5% Insurance cover - 37.50

Replacement value - 1,000

5% Insurance cover - 50.00

Replacement value - 1,500

5% Insurance cover - 75.00

Replacement value - 2,000

5% Insurance cover - 100.00

Replacement value - 2,000+

5% Insurance cover - 100.00+

Below is an example of how to calculate the premium.  

Example Calculations



CDs / Vinyl Records




DVDs / Videos


Bed Linen / Cutlery


Printer (remove cartridge)




Other Electrical Items


Sports Equipment (e.g. bike)


Children's Toys






Example premium calculation –

Take 5% of 385.00 = 19.25 (premium to pay).
There is a single limit of 25% applied to each respective category.

So let’s take our example - if a single item of clothing is lost then the maximum you can claim would be 25% of Box 1, Clothes Value 150, equalling 37.50.

Make sure that your personal effects are insured for their FULL replacement value in the country of destination. If you under-insure your goods, we will have to ‘average’ the value.


Here’s another example.

An item is insured for 100.00 but the ‘true value’ of the item is 200.00.

This means that the item is 50% under-insured. Therefore, you would only receive the 'average value' of those items you had insured.

So 50% of 100 = 50.

What if my items are damaged?


Damage to the contents of a consignment is not covered unless the items damaged have been carefully packed either by Seven Seas Worldwide, a reputable retailer from whom the item was purchased or if they were shipped in their original packaging.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your completed insurance form is received by Seven Seas Worldwide and payment has been made for the premium.

Amendments to insurance after collection will incur a ‘Change Insurance Details Charge’.


In the event of a claim, please contact our offices immediately on the local freephone number as shown on our website or email

It is essential to document any damage that you believe to have occurred during transportation so we advise collecting photographic evidence of both the item and the packaging before disposing of boxes and packaging.

All claims MUST be submitted within 30 days of receipt of consignment.