The StoreCube™ - The Alternative to Self-Storage

The Storecube™ will come to your home

They may be brightly-painted space-havens, but self-storage facilities should be doing more to help. Luckily, Seven Seas Worldwide has taken up the slack.

Think about this for a moment. Self-storage companies create a lot of fanfare about their secure storage facilities. They paint them a vibrant colour, offer round-the-clock monitoring and provide you with trolleys to help you move your items. 

But what about transporting your belongings to the facility? 'Oh, we're not in the business of taxiing your stuff,' they'll say. 'Hire a van, strap some of the boxes to the roof of your car, whatever, it's not our problem.' Seems a bit unhelpful really, doesn't it? And let's just say the only reason you need to move items out of your home is because you're redecorating or renovating. You wouldn't hire a self-storage company for that kind of job because of the sheer logistical nightmare of it all.

However, with Seven Seas Worldwide, you have a simple, stress-free solution to self-storage - The StoreCube™. The StoreCube™ is a revolutionary approach to self-storage. All you have to do is pack the items you wish to store in our Seven Seas Worldwide boxes and load them onto the StoreCube™ which will arrive at your house for loading. It's essentially a container inside a trailer, designed to take all manner of household items. Once you've packed the StoreCube™ to your requirements, we'll take it away and put it in storage ourselves. We have safe and secure storage facilities all over the country - and you'll never have to visit them!

As soon as the decorating or renovating is done, just give us a call, arrange a time and the StoreCube™ will be back outside your home, ready for unloading. It couldn't be simpler. It really is the most efficient storage solution around so give us a call to find out more or get a free quote now.