Commercial Shipping With Seven Seas Worldwide – We’re Here on Business

Commercial Shipping

Seven Seas Worldwide is also here for commercial shipments, so if you're sending goods abroad on a regular basis, our shipping network offers an affordable and reliable alternative to the bigger, less personal international couriers.

Our Commercial Shipping Services

Seven Seas Worldwide has shipped personal belongings and excess baggage across the globe for nearly twenty years. We’ve been there for the most important moments in people’s lives, moving to another city to study, embarking on a year-long adventure overseas or moving abroad with family to start a new life. It’s been emotional. Pass us a tissue.

But now we’re looking to build on our success with those who need to ship items abroad for business. So why choose us over the big international couriers?

  • Our prices are much lower than air freight
  • Our weight allowances are higher, allowing you to send more per shipment for less
  • We travel by sea, so we’re a much greener option
  • We’ll collect the items from your front door and deliver them to the door of your chosen destination
  • We supply free heavy duty boxes designed to withstand long journeys

Not bad for starters, huh?

If you think we can do business, call a member of the team or grab an online quote today. We're always here to help.