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Seven Seas Worldwide offer an unparalleled service when it comes to shipping your stuff! We want to make the process of moving your items internationally as stress-free as possible so we are constantly refining and updating our processes to make it easier for you to move your stuff. Our online account management and tracking tools are designed to help you quickly keep up to date with the progress of your items and, if needs be, make any changes or additional payments.

It’s pretty simple, here’s every stage

How it works:

Getting your boxes

  • First things first - you log in and pay your deposit payment to get things going.
  • Next, you can book the delivery of your empty boxes (if required, highly recommended but not compulsory) which are included with your order.
  • If you are sending your items in a MoveCube (which is great if you are moving abroad, by the way), you can also book in the delivery of your MoveCube to load it up with your boxes.

Your things get shipped

  • Once your items have been collected, you’ll need to log in again and pay for the next stage of the service. This means that your items can be allocated a shipping date or a slot on a container ship, aircraft or van.
  • Your items will then be on their way. Sometimes your items have to wait in our secure warehouse for their allocated shipment date. This is a common occurrence and nothing to worry about. Your things have not been forgotten!
  • When you place your booking, you will be given an estimated transit time and this is normally insanely accurate. You can log into your account to track where your boxes are to get an idea of the wonderful journey your stuff is on. These updates are sometimes delayed as, I’m sure you can imagine, there are possibly hundreds of destinations and representatives around the world who updates these systems and sometimes things get delayed.

Your items have arrived

  • Once your items arrive at their destination country, Customs at that country may apply additional charges to your items. This is out of our control as each country has its own rules that we have to abide by. We cover the cost of the charges on your behalf and these then need to be paid for to complete all of your stages of payments.
  • When your checks are done and your payments all up to date, your items will then be ready for delivery or, in some (country-specific) cases, collection.

Arranging your delivery

  • Simply log into your account and book your delivery slot with your closest depot. Your driver will contact you the day before to confirm an estimated timeframe for delivery. With some busy areas, our drivers will, whenever possible, contact to let you know if there will be a delay in their arrival to make sure you don’t worry.
  • Your items, boxes or MoveCubes will be delivered as per your requested day and we’ll send you an email update to confirm delivery.

That’s it! Your items have been delivered and you are settling into your new surroundings.


Getting your boxes

Your things get shipped.

Your items have arrived...

Arranging your delivery

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