Seven Seas Worldwide are Expanding Again

01 February 2018

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our network here at Seven Seas Worldwide. We've always been able to collect and deliver items throughout Europe but until now we've not had an established depot in Europe to assist with the demand. Until now. A fully operational depot in Belgium is now up and running.

Located just South East of Antwerp, our new European hub will ensure our good growth in Europe continues in 2018 and beyond providing clearer channels and better coverage for all shipments going in and out of Europe.

This also means we can operate our increasingly popular MoveCube service in and out of mainland Europe which we're very excited about because we believe the MoveCube is the future of moving home. If you want a smooth, stress-free, door-to-door service, look no further than the MoveCube!

And we're not stopping at Antwerp. We want to continue this expansion over the next few years so our presence in Europe is as comprehensive as any shipping company or international courier.

Watch this space.

You can find us at:

Seven Seas Worldwide BVBA
Winkelom 87, Unit A1
2440 Geel

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Get a Price for Your Stuff Today

20 January 2015

If you've used our services in the past, you may have noticed that 2014 saw a major website revamp. Out went the grey boxes of white text, multiple menus and the woman in red sitting on a wall. In came a more minimalist approach.

We decided to shake things up because we wanted the user experience to be a better one. We know that when people surf our site, they don't float around, viewing random pages as if it were a lifestyle magazine in a dentist's waiting room; they go straight for the service page that will assist them, followed by the quote page.

This is why we've made our quote page more focussed and user-friendly. We believe it's one of the best in the business. Try it out now!

A number of shipping and relocation companies will require you to fill in a form before you can get a quote. For some reason, they want to know your personal details before proceeding. Plus, if you want to draw up a number of different quotes to see which option is best for you, they may well lock it down and tell you to expect the results of your quote via an email the following day. This just isn't convenient. Seven Seas Worldwide don't require any information or a deposit - we just want to give you a price. After that, it's up to you what you want to do next.

We offer a range of services to help move holiday luggage, excess baggage, household items, furniture and commercial goods and with our freight calculator. You'll be able to find a price that suits you in minutes.

Check out our free online quote engine today and see how we can relieve the stress of moving items around the world.


Seven Seas Worldwide - Proud to Support South African Charities

11 November 2014

It's an unfortunate symptom of the business but every year Seven Seas Worldwide have to deal with boxes of excess baggage and personal belongings that are passed to us by customers who have abandoned their shipment unpaid. Naturally, when faced with this situation, the first thought is how to turn a negative into a positive.

Seven Seas Worldwide has a strong presence in South Africa. It was one of the first bases we set up nearly twenty years ago when we put our plan to create an international transport network into operation. The changing social and cultural landscape of South Africa is something we want to be part of and our team in South Africa believes that although there are many obstacles to overcome, South Africa has a burgeoning and prosperous future.

This year, we decided to go one step further and make a tangible change to communities in South Africa by donating our written off items to the Kids Haven and Maranatha Baptist Church.

The Kids Haven is a registered Non Profit Organization and Public Benefit Organization that opened in 1992 to protect and help homeless children and children in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region of South Africa, reintergrating them back into society, providing support for families and strengthening the communities with various initiatives.

The Maranatha Baptist Church in Belhar works to promote the idea of the church forging bonds with its community to help those less fortunate and to create a better future for all.

The Seven Seas Worldwide team in South Africa is proud to have donated boxes of goods to these two excellent organisations and hopes this will be only the start of such donations.

For more information about Kids Haven and Marantha Baptist Church, please check out the websites.

Moving to the UK from Australia and New Zealand Might Become a Little Easier

10 November 2014

With the news that the Commonwealth Exchange is proposing bilateral moving zones between the UK, New Zealand and Australia, effectively granting Australians and New Zealanders special status to live and work in the UK without restriction, we at Seven Seas Worldwide would like to suggest that were this proposal to be considered seriously, prospective movers should seek us out.

Author of the Commonwealth Exchange report, Tim Hewish, advocates that were mobility zones to be introduced, the policy would be a two-way street with Britons also moving to Australia and New Zealand with greater accessibility, mirroring the freedoms offered to new arrivals from the EU.

In his report, Mr Hewish recommends a Commonwealth-wide business visa system which would, among other things, reduce waiting times at UK airport passport lanes.  Another way of making a trip to the airport a relatively stress-free one would be to use the excess baggage service of Seven Seas Worldwide. Imagine catching a flight without having checked in any suitcases or luggage, safe in the knowledge that they were being sent directly to the door of your new destination overseas - meaning fewer queues and absolutely no hidden baggage charges at the check-in.  Boarding a plane could be as simple as stepping on a bus.

Hewish also makes it clear that were his proposals to go ahead, the idea could be opened up to include other English-speaking countries including Canada and South Africa, both of which are serviced by the Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube®, together with Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The MoveCube® is essentially a container inside a trailer which is revolutionising the way we move home. Foregoing the man with a van, the MoveCube® is a more secure option that operates within Seven Seas Worldwide's global network. The MoveCube® is brought to your door - all you need to do is load it. Then we'll take it away again to your new address, whether that be in the next town along or halfway round the world.  A full explanation of the service along with the complete list of countries where the MoveCube® is operational can be found at our Moving Home section.

Hewish states that 'it would be shameful and a deep error to disregard the shared language, legal system and customs that the Commonwealth family provides'. If the world is opening the door a little further, helping people move with more freedom from country to country, to live and work in other countries without the waiting and the bureaucracy, one thing is for certain - Seven Seas Worldwide has a system in place to make this global pursuit a relatively effortless one.