Cheap Shipping to China from Australia

Seven Seas Worldwide are offering a rate of $94.10 for each Standard box sent to China as part of our discount deal for group bookings. And here's the thing - there are no other shipping or clearance charges.


So what is a Group Shipment?

•A minimum of 10 Large Boxes (0.128mᶟ per box) per group shipment. If you order above the minimum amount then the cost per box will remain the same.
•A maximum number of 20 Large / Clothes Box (0.128mᶟ per box) per shipment, otherwise, this is treated as another group shipment. This new group booking can still be sent under the same Organiser as the first but will require another set of the Organiser's ID.


And what do we offer?

•FREE empty boxes of each type, bubble wrap, tape and box labels is delivered to ONE address anywhere in Australia.
•Collection is made of fully-packed boxes and bags belonging to the group from ONE address anywhere in Australia. Shipments can be comprised of suitcases and bags as well as our own FREE boxes
•Delivery is made of the fully-packed suitcases, bags and boxes to MULTIPLE addresses within 100 miles of the major city centres of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou


What does an Organiser do?

The Organiser must be a Chinese citizen and is the person responsible for the booking. 
Group bookings are placed under/using the Organiser’s name. Could you be the Organiser? If so, here's what the Organiser will be responsible for:
•Distribution of the boxes, packing materials and box labels to other group members
•Ensuring all the documentation is completed and returned
•Ensuring that all items are clearly labelled and easily identified
•Payment of the shipment including any duty and taxes should they arise
•To sweeten the deal, the organiser is entitled to one free Large box for the first shipment only

The Organiser DOES NOT need to be in China on the shipments arrival.

Deposit Required for the Student Group Shipping Process

The deposit is $659.65, which covers all charges for the 10 Large Boxes, shipped, cleared and delivered to an address in 
any of the 5 cities listed, so there is nothing further to pay. This includes:
•The delivery of empty boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, marker pen and box labels
•The collection of all of your full boxes, luggage or bags
•The shipping charge
•The delivery of the shipment to their address in the 5 major Chinese cities
If you ship more than the minimum then the price will increase, but the cost of each box type does not 
change from that shown above.

Interested? Of course you are. Please call us on 0800 21 66 98.

* Maximum weight restrictions apply, 30kg per box.