Can the driver assist me? | Moving FAQS

Loading and Unloading is an assisted service with additional charges. Seven Seas Worldwide drivers should be assisted by the customer to load and unload their MoveCube. Again, this service is assisted and should not be carried out by the driver alone. Here's what you need to know:

  • Under no circumstances should the drivers collect or deliver any items past the threshold of the customer's front door, due to possible damage to the customer's property and potential health and safety hazards within the property
  • 30kg is the maximum weight a Seven Seas Worldwide driver should be expected lift/carry. All items suspected to be over this weight should be lifted/carried with the help of the customer or customer's representative, or with the use of a mechanical aid.
  • If assistance is not possible by the means mentioned, the overweight item(s) must not be handled by Seven Seas Worldwide driver.
  • A note/description/photograph of the overweight item(s) must be taken if the customer loads the items themselves and/or the item is left off the MoveCubeĀ 
  • The distance between the front door and the trailer should be limited to 20 metres due to the weight limits involved with the loading/unloading service