7 Step Guide

Here is a brief step by step guide to explain how to send your excess baggage, luggage & personal belongings.

Step-1.jpgYou can obtain a instant free quote and order online whether you are using your phone, tablet, laptop or call FREE on 0508 21 66 98 and speak to one of our friendly team about what you need to send & where you would like to send it. we are open 24/7.

Step-2.jpgOnce we have processed your order we will take a deposit on a debit or credit card to secure the booking & advise you on the remaining payment process. The amount you pay for the deposit is deducted from the shipping charge.

Step-3.jpgFREE Boxes, bubble wrap, tape and a Document Pack will be delivered to you by one of our drivers. The ‘Document Pack’ will need to be completed before your items are collected. If you require help with this please call us for assistance on our number listed above.
Step-4.jpg You will then pack these boxes yourself.  You can take as long as you like to pack, there is no time limit. As soon as you’re ready to have them collected, simply call us to arrange a date. Please check out our website for packing tips to ensure you do a good job!

Step-5.jpgOn your preferred date, we will return to collect the packed boxes. On the evening beforehand, you’ll get a text message with the arrival time. Please make sure all boxes are correctly labelled with your name and destination address. Please also ensure the Document Pack has been completed and securely attached (in the envelope supplied) to box number 1.

Step-6.jpgTake your boxes to the hallway of your house or entrance of your building ready for collection.

Step-7.jpg We will contact you within 48hrs to clear the payment balance. Once we have shipped your belongings we will call you to arrange a good time to redeliver them.