Student Storage Made Easy

Student Storage

Attention students across Australia! Looking for a great student storage deal, with a collect and store service that won’t mean more headaches trying to get your boxes to the store?


Good news: you’ve found us. Give us a call or grab an online quote now and see how much you could save on student storage with Seven Seas Worldwide.

You see, we don't just move your personal belongings from A to B, you know, although we are experts in student shipping. Oh no. If you need a place to store your items before they’re transported to their final destination, give us a call. We offer affordable student storage all over the country – and we’ll even pick up and deliver what you’ve stored so you don’t have to lug it about yourself.

For a small weekly fee per box, this is what we can do for you:

  • FREE packing boxes delivered to your address of choice
  • FREE packing materials including parcel tape, bubble wrap and a big marker pen (check out our guide to packing for student storage, too)
  • We’ll collect your boxes for you – no need to beg a lift, find a man with a van or drag heavy boxes to storage by yourself
  • We’ll even deliver your boxes to any destination you choose; whether it be back home or to another address
  • We offer cheap student storage solutions in all major Australian cities including Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and tons of other locations.

You can start your journey right now by using our free, no obligation, super-speedy online quote engine. Check it out and see what we can do for you today, or give us a call now.