Commercial MoveCube® – Cargo Shipping To Move Your Business

Cargo Shipping with MoveCube®

If you’re sending large items overseas on a regular basis, may we introduce our revolutionary new international service for freight shipping, the Commercial MoveCube®?

The Commercial MoveCube® is a mini shipping container inside a trailer which - unlike other freight shipping companies - Seven Seas Worldwide will deliver right to your front door, be it your home, a garage, a shop or storage unit. This means you can load straight from your front door into the Commercial MoveCube® without the need of a ramp or loading bay. Similarly, once the MoveCube arrives at your chosen destination, it can be delivered to the front door to be emptied straight into the building – all the benefits of international cargo shipping and none of the hassle.

We offer two flavours of Commercial MoveCube® - international, for moving your good and freight overseas easily, and domestic, for getting bulky items moved up and down the country between business locations easily. Just to give you an idea, here are some examples of what we can ship or store in either flavour of Commercial MoveCube®.

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                 Mobility Scooters                                                 Bull Bars

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                   Office Furniture                                               Golf Trolleys

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                      Bulk Clothing                                                      Scooters

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                        Engine Parts                                              Office Equipment

So here’s how the Commercial MoveCube® process works for cargo shipping:

  • Order your Commercial MoveCube® from Seven Seas Worldwide
  • Ensure you have a suitable space near your premises for the Commercial MoveCube® to park
  • Once you have loaded the Commercial MoveCube® to your specifications, we will return later that day to collect it once more, bound for your chosen destination

Yeah that's right, it’s as simple as that. Hardly worth the bullet-points.

Here's what you should note when ordering a Commercial MoveCube® for your freight shipping:

  • Customers must allow time for when the Commercial MoveCube® has to be cleared through Customs and, in some cases, Quarantine
  • So far, the Commercial MoveCube® only operates between the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
  • Packing boxes, chemically-hardened and built for shipping, can be purchased from Seven Seas Worldwide along with parcel tape and bubble wrap
  • A 4 week storage period prior to shipment is available to customers with 2 weeks free storage at the destination
  • A ‘MoveCube® Packer’ option on the website helps you find out which size MoveCube® you’ll be needing for the join
  • You can also track your shipment via the website to see how it’s getting on

So that’s the Commercial MoveCube®. Can we interest you in one today? Get a quote from our instant online quote engine now or talk to a member of our team. Moving domestic rather than business? Take a look at our MoveCubes® for moving home instead.