Seven Seas Worldwide Drivers Disrupt Robbery

05 November 2014

Two months ago, two Seven Seas Worldwide drivers, Arthur and Loocky arrived at an apartment complex in Rivonia, South Africa, to make a collection. At first, there was no access granted to the complex. No one was around and the gates were shut.

But then a man appeared from the apartment they were scheduled to visit and let them both in. He asked who they were and when they explained they were at the complex to collect some packed boxes, the man disappeared into the apartment. A few minutes later, he emerged with the boxes and the shipping documents. 

Arthur asked who was going to sign the documents. The man said his wife would sign, though he mentioned she was unwell and they would need to come inside the apartment. 

As they entered, they found the woman of the house tied up, on the floor and with a blanket over her head. Next to her was her partner, also tied up with a blanket over his head. The man then pulled a gun on the two drivers and made them kneel on the floor. In a matter of minutes, the man's accomplice had tied them up. 

However, rather than continue their plan, the two robbers abandoned the robbery and stole what they could (including the GPS inside the Seven Seas Worldwide van).

The four victims were shaken up but unharmed and as they waited for the police to arrive, Arthur and Loocky assisted the owners of the apartment in freeing them from their cable ties.

The owners believed that had the drivers not arrived when they did, the robbery could have had a fatal ending. 

The unfortunate beginning to this robbery is that the owners let the robbers into the complex believing them to be from Seven Seas Worldwide. Should you be in a similar position, please make absolutely sure it's the person you expect it to be. Before answering the door, view the situation from a window. Check for authentic uniforms, transport with the correct insignia, anything that might put your mind at rest.

It could make all the difference.

Wherever they operate in the world, all our drivers carry ID. Should there be any doubt, ask them to show it to you.

New Look, New Approach

07 August 2014

That's right. We've had a bit of a change. Do you like it? We do.

But apart from a cleaner look and more videos with that dude with the glasses, what else can you expect from Seven Seas Worldwide? Well, here's a quick rundown of the site and the sections therein.

Firstly, we have fewer sections.  We didn't want you to get bogged down with too many pages of blah blah blah because, frankly, who has time for that? You just want to know what we can do for you right?  Right.  So, the first thing we did was sit down and work out a way of making the sections shorter and simpler. Actually the first thing we did was eat bagels and drink coffee but that's a given here at SSW HQ.

So, we have five main sections at the top that look at our main areas of expertise - baggage, parcels, moving home, and commercial and student services.

The baggage section addresses those moments when you need a little help with your baggage going on holiday. No one wants to drag a teetering tower of suitcases through the airport and nor do they want to face the impending doom of hidden baggage fees at the checkout, so Seven Seas Worldwide explains how we can be on hand to ship, store and deliver your excess baggage, whenever and wherever you need it. In fact, we can be on hand to ship and deliver all of your luggage, should you wish to just breeze through the airport without checking anything in! Travelling light. It's the way forward.

The parcels section of the website explains how we're also a reliable and friendly courier service. We offer a more affordable and greener service than your average courier company, shipping items that are considered heavier, larger or bulkier than normal personal belongings, virtually anywhere in the world. In this section, we run through our new and exciting SeaPost service - sending commercial goods from the UK to Australia or New Zealand at an knock-down rate - our excellent MilkMail and MilkMail Plus services - forwarding baby milk powder to China from the UK - and our domestic Mini Moves service.

Our Moving Home section focuses on those moving home. (Yes, it's hardly a cryptic site we've made here.) In this section, we highlight our glorious creation - the MoveCube, which we're very proud of and will continue to shout about until everybody has had tried it out. Every variety of MoveCube is explained - big, small, domestic, international - and we also give special mention to our new service, the StoreCube, which may just revolutionise self-storage, that's all.

Our last two sections deal with our commercial arm of the business and the various methods we use to make moving and storage that little bit easier for students.

Add to this dozens of service videos explaining as simply as possible the step-by-step process of each service we offer, and you have yourself a website and a company that delivers on all fronts. Check out the site now or chat to a member of our team. 

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Small Is Beautiful (For Shipping)

27 June 2014

Moving house can be a tough old time. When you think about how much we actually need to do for the day of a move, it's a wonder how anyone actually musters up the energy to go through with it. But fear not, because Seven Seas Worldwide has come up with a way of reducing the stress by about thirty to forty percent. That's a rough estimate. We haven't got any experts on the case or anything.

The way we do this is by removing any doubt you may have about furniture removals. It's quite an unnerving experience watching all your prized possessions being bundled into the back of a van or a lorry. Far be it from us to unsettle you, dear reader, but how reliable is that van or lorry? Don't you deserve a stronger, robust and more reliable container to transport your items from A to B? Perhaps something like a small shipping container?

This is where the MoveCube® comes in, a mini shipping container that arrives at your door on a trailer. All you have to do is load it with your packed boxes (free boxes are also provided by Seven Seas Worldwide by the way) and watch it drive away safely to your new home, wherever that may be: We have MoveCubes® operating across the globe too so if you're leaving to start a new life overseas, give the team a call.

Our miniature shipping container is designed for long journeys, so when you see our driver lock the doors and take your belongings away to your chosen destination, you'll feel slightly more at ease than you would do with a 'man with a van'. It's this peace of mind that will take away some of the stress of the move. We guarantee it.

So are you interested? Well if you've got this far, you must be. Give us a call or get a quote and find the right size MoveCube® for you; we've got a 6m shipping container, a 3m shipping container and a 2m shipping container.

Forget the man with a van or the friend with a station wagon. Do it right. Use a Seven Seas Worldwide container!

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Shipping Containers – The Alternative Method of Moving Your Stuff

30 April 2014

There are a lot of transport options out there for those moving home but which one is the best? Well, let’s break it down a bit.

There’s the man with a van but we’d advise against this. Nice though the man may be, his van may not be up to the job (due to age of the vehicle, weight of the boxes, space in the back, etc.) and unreliable transport is not a problem you’ll want to face on moving day. There’s hiring a van yourself but who wants the extra responsibility on an already busy and stressful day? Then there’s your dad and his hatchback. Don’t even go there.

The way forward for safe, secure and reliable furniture removals is the use of shipping containers. ‘But how do they work?’ we hear you ask. ‘Won’t it cost a fortune just to get one delivered to my front door?’ No.  A shipping container isn’t as intimidating or expensive as you may think. There are a number of firms who specialise in container shipping and have networks in place that can deliver shipping containers to your door as if they were new phone directories. And there is one company in particular leading the way on shipping container rental: Seven Seas Worldwide. That’s us by the way.

The Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube® is our international shipping container service. Essentially, it’s a container inside a trailer which is brought to your home for you to load up. After 4-5 hours, we’ll return to collect the MoveCube® again to take to its final destination. It couldn’t be simpler. We’ve been providing shipping containers for hire for several years now and operate out of the UK, Australia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand. Just between you and me, they’re going down a storm in Australia with other countries steadily going the same way.

Other ship containers supplied by our competitors are often a bit on the industrial side. They’re big, cumbersome and loud metal boxes that will almost certainly guarantee your entire neighbourhood knows you’re leaving. Our MoveCubes® are a bit more user-friendly and won’t make you feel as if you’ve got a job on the shipyards.

We’ve been in the moving business nearly twenty years and know a thing or two about safe and reliable relocation, so talk to us about the easy-to-use MoveCube®, our small shipping containers specially designed for moving the contents of your home - and anything else you can think of - and let us take the stress out of the big day. They're perfect for moving abroad, too!

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Sending Stuff to South Africa Just Got a Bit Easier

26 February 2014

We won't lie to you - this is probably only going to interest you if you're sending stuff to South Africa. However, from the kind of figures we've been receiving here at SSW HQ, that appears to be quite a lot of you. With that in mind, we're doing our best to make getting your personal belongings (and all other types of shipping to South Africa) easier than it used to be.

Whether you want to send a bag of clothes for charity or send the entire contents of your household back home, Seven Seas Worldwide can do the lot.

In the past, all customers were required to be in South Africa to receive their items otherwise SA Customs would treat the whole lot as a commercial import and tax accordingly. Not anymore. We have streamlined the process to reduce the documentation and minimise payments to SA Customs. With our own network in place in South Africa to import, customs clear and deliver your items to your chosen South African address without you needing to set foot there.

We will send you emails confirming each step of the process and letting you know the progress of your shipment. This can only be done because we control the whole process in the UK to SA, so we know what's happening.

But it doesn't stop there. Shipping documentation also made it a prerequisite that customers send their passports to us once they arrived in South Africa. We know it made people feel a little queasy to send off something as important as a passport so if you're returning from South Africa, we'll no longer ask this of you. It can remain in your 'safe place' (under the sofa where you kicked it by accident the other day).

So there you go. Not bad huh? If you're sending items to South Africa, Seven Seas Worldwide should be your first choice. We've reorganised the shipping process to make it as customer-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Get a shipping quote today and see how we can help you.

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