The Domestic MoveCube® – Home & Furniture Removals The Simple Way

Furniture Removals With MoveCube®

The Domestic MoveCube® is a small shipping container designed for city-to-city moves that we bring to your door inside a trailer. We leave the trailer with you, you then load up the MoveCube® with your boxes, and later we’ll turn up to collect it for transporting to its final destination. Easy.


So what are the advantages of a MoveCube® service?

  • A three-part payment to help you budget: We will not demand one full payment in advance of collection. Instead, the charges will be staggered to help you find your feet when you arrive
  • Packing at your pace: You can pack everything on one day or you can clear and pack rooms over several days. It’s up to you to choose how much you want to pack and when
  • Total security and protection: Once the MoveCube® is sealed at your home it is not scheduled to be unsealed again until you open it at your new address

Take a look at the sizes we offer to suit your needs.

  • Small:     Height 1.871m      Width 1.114m      Length 0.964m     Volume 2.01m³

  • Medium: Height 1.871m      Width 1.464m       Length 1.112m     Volume 3.05m³

  • Large:     Height 1.871m      Width 1.464m       Length 2.264m     Volume 6.20m³

If you require more than one MoveCube®, we can work out exactly what you'll need:

  • 1 bedroom flat: 1 Large MoveCube® and 1 Medium MoveCube®
  • 2 bedroom flat: 2 Large
  • 2 bedroom house: 3 Large
  • 3 bedroom house: 5 Large and 1 Medium
  • 4 bedroom house: 7 Large and 1 Medium
  • 5 bedroom house: 9 Large

For more details, give us a call and speak to the team. Oh, and don't forget that we also offer an International MoveCube® which is perfect for moving abroad.