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Seven Seas Worldwide provides something different to students in Vancouver: mobile self-storage. This is how it works:

We can collect your items from your student residence in Vancouver and transport them to one of our secure storage facilities on your behalf. You wouldn't actually need to visit our facility at all. And when you're ready to receive your items again, just give us a call and we'll return them to you - whether that be to your existing place, a new address in Vancouver or even a brand new address further afield!

If you're a student in Vancouver and you need to store personal belongings, take a look at what Seven Seas Worldwide has to offer:

  • Free packing materials including boxes, parcel tape, delivered for free directly to your door
  • Clear and transparent prices with a detailed quote and no nasty surprises. Prices are just $5 for a standard box per week (up to 30kg in weight)
  • Collections made from your address within our nationwide transport network
  • You only pay for the volume of your boxes and bags - you won't be paying for an allotted 'space' in our facility
  • Payment will be requested at the end of your storage period with no monthly invoices issued
  • Storage charges are by the week, not the month and the price per week will remain the same even if you decide to extend your stay with us
  • All delivery and collection times will be sent to you the night before so you know when our drivers are coming - and it WILL be our drivers; we don't use third party contractors.  This means that we can control the entire process from start to finish
  • Our customer service team are available on the phone 24/7, on +1 (833) 698 7363 . Or you can arrange the whole process online via our easy-to-use quote engine

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Our Removal Service

 Firstly, decide what you are sending: bags, suitcase or boxes of your personal belongings. If you are on an active holiday then you may have sports equipment.

 Secondly, enter the location from where you are sending: country, town/city or postcode, and to where you’re sending: country, town/city or postcode?

 Thirdly, select what you want to send from our dropdown. We recommend using our boxes for clothing and other loose items, they are specially re-enforced to protect your possessions. For the same reason, following collection, we will also place your suitcases and items like skis, snowboards, golf clubs or even bicycles in our boxes. This is part of our service and our pricing is based on using these boxes, most airlines require everything to be boxed.

In order to give you the biggest choice, we will present you with the prices for all our services: air and sea, to show you the range of prices and the time to arrive at the destination.

If you are happy with our detailed quote and want to proceed, then we recommend delivery of a selection of our heavy duty, large and standard packing boxes to start packing. This delivery includes bubble wrap and tape. There is no charge for the boxes and packing material but there might be a small additional charge for the delivery depending on your address.

We also recommend that you take a few extra boxes. There is no charge if you do not use them all, so long as the unused are returned in good condition. Whilst packing you should also complete the necessary shipping documentation online. You will also receive a scheduled time of the delivery the night before.

 You can book the collection online or give us a call if you have any questions.

Similar to the delivery, a scheduled collection time will be sent to you the evening before your collection day. If you have left already then please let us know the name and contact details of your friend or family member who will meet our driver. Please have everything you want to send at the door, otherwise it may be forgotten and left.

You are entitled to 2 weeks storage prior to your shipment being sent which could be useful if you are travelling before returning to your destination address.

• Depending on the air service you have selected your shipment will either be part of a larger air consule sent to our Hub in the destination country where it will be delivered to your address - Air Economy - or your shipment will be sent directly to your address using one of our air partners - Air Express. Some routes may only offer Air Express.

• Where possible air shipments will be sent through Seven Seas Worldwide's own international network (set up and owned by the founders of Seven Seas Worldwide) so your shipment is under our direct control from start to finish. In those circumstances where this is not possible and we have to use our partners, you will be informed on our detailed quote. Your shipment will still be managed by Seven Seas Worldwide and you can contact us 24/7 if you need any update or questions answered.

• We clear your shipment through the relevant customs departments and any environmental authorities. All charges are as you were originally quoted with no surprises.

• There is no requirement to pay anything further until you no longer require the storage service and are ready to have your belongings returned to you. We will email you a reminder after 12 weeks.

• Once cleared through those agencies, if your shipment is being sent through our air partners then it will be delivered directly to your address. We will be unable to schedule a time for your shipment delivery with our partners. If you are not in then they will leave you a card to contact and arrange another day. Alternatively, if your shipment is under our direct control you will be notified, you can then book a day for the deliery and, as before, a scheduled time will be sent to you the evening before.