Student Packing – Doing It Right for the Big Move

Student Moves Packing

Okay, look, we all know how to put things in boxes. We're not going to talk down to you about it. However, there are one or two things that aren’t so obvious, so before you start work on your student packing list, check this out.


  • If you think you’ve exceeded the maximum weight allowance of 30kg, just weigh your box on the bathroom scales. Stand on the scales holding the box so that all you need to do is subtract your own weight from the total. Easy.
  • Some quarantine departments will check items such as shoes, boots, sports and camping equipment. They don’t want any foreign filth on their turf, you see. Therefore, make sure you clean these items thoroughly and place them at the top inside the boxes. Quarantine officials can inspect them easier that way.
  • If you’re packing valuable goods, we would suggest reading the insurance page. Not the most exciting page on the internet but a very important one.
  • We advise you order more boxes than you need. No one can accurately forecast how many boxes they’re going to require for a move so it’s better to have too many than not enough. You can just return any unused ones, free of charge.

And now a bit about our own boxes, which are perfect for student moves:

  • Our boxes are chemically-hardened and designed especially for long journeys. And they’re free. So choose ours – don’t go hunting for old ones in the loft.
  • The large packing box supplied by Seven Seas Worldwide is called a ‘Large Box’ or ‘Tea Chest Box’. This box is particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as shoes, bed linen, clothes and cuddly toys you’ve not yet grown out of. The dimensions of the Large Box are 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width).
  • The standard packing box is called a ‘Standard Box’ or ‘Book Box’. This box is designed to look after the heavier items such as hand tools, books, big photo albums, and other heavy things in your possession. The dimensions of the Standard Box are 31cm (height), 51cm (length) and 41cm (width).
  • Assembly and packing instructions can be found printed on the flap of every box we supply.

For more info, call a member of the team. Oh and happy packing.