Shipping Milk Powder to China with MilkMail Plus

It’s never been easier shipping milk powder to China than with Seven Seas Worldwide’s new service, MilkMail Plus.

Simply select your preferred baby and toddler milk powder brand.

Ship Aptamil Milk Powder From Australia To China

      Aptamil Range

Ship SMA Milk Powder From Australia To China

         SMA Range

With MilkMail Plus, we’ll send 6 tins or cartons of baby milk powder by air freight to China.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • After you’ve made your choice of milk powder brand, it will take just 15 days for the milk powder to arrive at your chosen address in China
  • The box we provide for containing the milk powder is called a ‘Mail Box’, a safe, chemically-hardened box built for long journeys – you could stand on one and it wouldn’t collapse
  • A receipt will be included to show that the milk powder has been purchased from a reputable supplier
  • Please note: Only 6 tins or cartons can be sent to China per order. Plus, if the contents of the box are damaged in any way by the time they arrive at your chosen destination in China, you will be entitled to a refund

So that’s MilkMail Plus. Interested? Let’s get started by talking to a member of our team today. Oh and please note: If you wish to insure your MilkMail consignment, well, you can't. But you are entitled to a refund if you cancel within two weeks, providing you return the package to us.