City Removals and Storage

City Removals

If you need to move personal belongings within the city and are looking for a safe place to store them for a little while, have a chat with Seven Seas Worldwide. Our City Moves service offers 'man-with-a-van'-style city removals along with temporary storage for your belongings.

Seven Seas Worldwide is an international shipping company but City Moves stays closer to home. We’re the perfect one-stop local mini movers who’ll pick up your stuff, move it, store it and then deliver it to you when you need it. Easy.

Here's how City Removals works:

  • Order your empty boxes from Seven Seas Worldwide (they’re free and very strong)
  • We’ll drop off the boxes, allowing you to pack them how you want
  • You then call us to book a collection
  • We’ll swing by to collect the boxes for delivery the next day at the earliest
  • If you need to store your boxes before they’re delivered to your chosen address, we can provide safe and secure storage - with the first 2 weeks of storage absolutely free

Oh and hey, please note that by “city moves”, we are talking about a range of 30 miles (or 55 km) from the collection address to the eventual delivery address. For longer moves, we recommend our terrific Nationwide Mini Moves service. And if you’re heading overseas, our international removals service can cover that too. Yeah we’re pretty special.

So do you think we can help you today? Get a quote from our instant online quote engine now or talk to a member of our team on 1300 21 66 98 about the benefits of City Moves.