Shipping with Seven Seas Worldwide - What to Do First

12 September 2014

Freight Quote

We all need a little help when travelling from A to B with a lot of baggage. Perhaps as a holidaymaker with one too many suitcases, you could do with a little assistance before you travel to the airport. Alternatively you could be moving overseas permanently and in need of a hand with transporting your treasured possessions and assorted furniture over to your new home.

This is where Seven Seas Worldwide comes in. For nearly twenty years, we've been in the shipping game, sending personal belongings, excess baggage and commercial items all over the world.

However, we know that for a lot of you, the shipping process can seem a little intimidating. At Seven Seas Worldwide, we've tried as hard as we can to make everything as simple as possible. In fact, we've just launched a new website which provides a free and easy to use freight quote engine so you can find out straight away the journey of your shipment and the costs involved. Our freight calculator provides you with all the information you need so you can make an informed decision and (we hope) begin your journey with Seven Seas Worldwide.

The freight calculator will point you to the best service for your requirements. We have a range of services that you can find more about on the website. These include Baggage Worldwide, sending your excess baggage throughout the world, Mini Moves, a service designed for nationwide moves only, and the MoveCube®, a revolutionary container inside a trailer that collects and delivers your items, door-to-door, all over the globe.

The team here at Seven Seas Worldwide want to make your journey as smooth as possible. We know that taking a big trip, whether it be an extended holiday or a permanent move, can be stressful at times and we want to help with the logistical stuff that causes the headaches. Imagine breezing through the airport with only hand luggage, happy in the knowledge that the rest of your personal belongings are in safe hands, being transported securely and reliably with Seven Seas Worldwide. Oh yes, that's another thing. We don't leave your items with someone else at the other end of the journey - we're there from A to B, so you don't have to deal with anyone else.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our easy-to-use freight quote engine now and see what Seven Seas Worldwide can do for you.