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Commercial MoveCube® – Cargo Shipping To Move Your Business

MoveCube® Cargo Shipping

Please note that this current service is undergoing some changes and is unavailable at the moment. Please check out our Domestic and International MoveCube® services for suitable alternatives!

The Commercial MoveCube® is a mini shipping container inside a trailer which - unlike other methods of cargo shipping - Seven Seas Worldwide will deliver to your front door, be it your home, a garage, a shop or storage unit. This means you can load straight from your front door into the Commercial MoveCube® without the need of a ramp or loading bay. Similarly, once the MoveCube® arrives at your chosen destination, it can be delivered to the front door to be emptied straight into the building – all the benefits of international freight shipping and none of the hassle.

Just to give you an idea, here are some examples of what we can ship or store in a Commercial MoveCube®.

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So here’s how the Commercial MoveCube® process works for shipping your freight:

  • Order your Commercial MoveCube® from Seven Seas Worldwide
  • Ensure you have a suitable space near your premises for the Commercial MoveCube® to park
  • Once you have loaded the Commercial MoveCube® to your specifications, we will return later that day to collect it once more, bound for your chosen destination

Yep, it’s as simple as that. Hardly worth the bullet-points.

In addition, here's what you should note when ordering a Commercial MoveCube® for some cargo shipping:

  • Customers must allow time for when the Commercial MoveCube® has to be cleared through Customs and, in some cases, Quarantine
  • So far, the Commercial MoveCube® only operates between the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
  • Packing boxes, chemically-hardened and built for shipping, can be purchased from Seven Seas Worldwide along with parcel tape and bubble wrap
  • A 4 week storage period prior to shipment is available to customers with 2 weeks free storage at the destination
  • A ‘MoveCube® Packer’ option on the website helps you find out which size MoveCube® you’ll be needing for the join
  • You can also track your shipment via the website to see how it’s getting on

So that’s the Commercial MoveCube®. Can we interest you in one today? Get a quote from our instant online quote engine now or talk to a member of our team and don't forget we offer MoveCubes® for ordinary home and furniture removals as well as moving abroad if you aren't shipping commercial goods.