Commercial FAQs and Videos

We’ve compiled a list of commercial shipping FAQs and videos that help explain our services. Take a look.

How Does Your Commercial Service Work?

Our Commercial Service operates like our other services, collecting, shipping and delivering your items, all over the world. The only difference is in the cost and the contents of the boxes! We're a cheaper and much greener option compared to air freight companies. Take a look at how we operate.

How Big are the Cubes?

The MoveCube® and StoreCube™ both come in three sizes depending on the consignment you are shipping. Our videos below explain all you need to know.



Why aren't you associated with BAR?

Here are the reasons in handy bullet-point form:

  • Structural - Seven Seas Worldwide is a group of companies having the same shareholders (owners) and directors. Each company operates under the same procedures and has the same cost structure, though the specific costs differ country to country. Therefore when you receive a quote from us the charges shown are ALL the charges because we operate the moving process from start to finish: we know exactly what it will cost.
  • Operational - Seven Seas Worldwide operates directly in 15 countries in 4 languages and our Business Centre, which co-ordinates our worldwide operations for our customers, is open 24/7. We offer toll-free numbers in the countries where we operate so you can always speak to someone. We have a multilingual website for each country where we operate with an online quote and order process that provides real-time quotes and orders.
  • Procedural - Each country where Seven Seas Worldwide operates has its own regulatory regime but instead of operating each company within its local laws, we embrace the most stringent and demanding regulation and operate those throughout the network.
  • Financial - Seven Seas Worldwide operates a payment instalment plan. First instalment (deposit) paid when you place the order; second instalment (shipping charge) paid once your shipment is collected but before dispatch; final instalment (destination charge) paid once the shipment has arrived, cleared and ready for delivery.