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As the UK currently goes through the process of exiting the European Union, this has caused a huge amount of unrest with both British individuals and companies alike who collaborate, deal, or simply reside in the countries within the EU.

For UK natives currently living in the EU, the temptation may be to return to the UK and Seven Seas Worldwide are here to help you send your belongings back to Blighty.

Before you commit to anything, Seven Seas Worldwide always advise you to plan what you want to send, what you need and what will just take up space in your new home.

What not to pack!

Make lists, make plans and research the whole process.

  • Think of the places that you’ll be moving the belongings to.
  • Will you want to replace it in a year or two anyway?
  • Can the bigger items get around corners or fit in the space?
  • Will it go with the current furnishings?
  • Will you need more or less when you get there?
  • Do you REALLY need it?

Most electrical items will happily work in the UK but do check for sealed plugs that may nullify any warranty if you are adding an adapter.

Seven Seas Worldwide can help you to send anything from a couple of boxes to packing up your whole house. We want you to make the most of the space you have so we’ve put together a collection of videos, guides and hints on how to safely pack your items to ensure they arrive in one piece.

How to declutter

How to pack!

Our guides may help you to think about how you pack an individual box or simply remind you not to pack a microwave on top of your favourite heirlooms! (It’s been done before!) Generally, it’s all about common sense and, trust us, we’ve seen so many examples of how not to pack that we want you (and your possessions) to avoid the same fate!

Embrace the process of decluttering as a cleansing, a way to finish one chapter and to start a new one and… to save money by not needing to ship as much stuff!

Packing videos

Not ready to unpack yet?

We can also help with storage before and after you move to give you added flexibility. Being that our depots are designed for international shipping you also benefit from the added security, over conventional storage solutions, where the public are not permitted access and items are managed under the watch of our highly trained Seven Seas Worldwide staff.

We even include 2 weeks free storage just in case you aren’t ready to unpack just yet as well as being able to add on as much time for storage as you need.

2 weeks storage

Need to spread the cost?

With all the stresses of moving the last thing you need is to be worried about having to pay for your removals in one huge lump! Seven Seas Worldwide offer flexible 2 and 3-stage payment plans (depending upon location) that enable you to budget your move without yet another huge hit to your accounting!

2 or 3-stage payment plan

You’re not alone - Get social with our growing community

As we help people move and relocation on a daily basis, we now have a growing community on social media who are always willing to offer assistance and personalised tips. Even though we are an international company we are all a team of individuals and we understand the stresses involved.

We’d suggest getting involved in forums and discussion groups before or whilst you are planning to help you plan better plus… you’ll meet others who may have gone through the same things you are going though now.

Need help |

Got any questions? Fire away

Our friendly staff are available to help if you have any questions about the process or can’t find what you are looking for!

Our Business Centre can help with sales enquiries and our Social Media team can assist with hints and tips or to simply get you to the right person to help.

Contact us on our freephone number, fill in our contact form or check us out on social media. They’ll always be someone here to help, if you need us.

Contact us

 Get yourself a quick quote

With our online quote tool you can get an idea of cost in as little as 30 seconds. We supply all the boxes you need and can deliver your items on a day convenient to you, directly to your door.

In some case we even offer a portage service to help you further with your items. (We are normally restricted to delivering boxes to your door for insurance and security purposes.)

There’s no obligation to buy and we won’t nag you to get your information, add you to our mailing list, bombard you with spam or share your information with anyone else – we promise.

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