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Starting a new life overseas is a big leap and the last thing you want to weigh heavily on your mind is the logistical side of things. That's where we come in with the StoreCube™, a container inside a trailer that parks outside your home for loading. All you have to do is load the StoreCube™ to your specifications.

Once everything has been loaded successfully, we'll then take the StoreCube™ to one of our secure storage facilities until you're ready for it it to be transferred to your new location overseas. It's like a taxi service for your possessions and it's something that the big self-storage companies don't provide; they expect you to deliver your stuff to them. We think that's just a little bit lazy.

With the StoreCube™, you'll never have to visit a self-storage facility again which we believe is something to celebrate.

Seven Seas Worldwide has StoreCube™ facilities all over the world because we have a global network in place that means you'll never deal with anyone else at any part of the journey - just us. Moving from London to Sydney? Cape Town to Auckland? We've got it covered.

If you're moving abroad soon, the StoreCube™ could well be the answer to all your logistical problems. Give us a call now or try our free quote engine.

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