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There’s a lot to think about before moving to a new city and it’s usually divided into ‘emotional stuff’ and ‘logistical stuff’. Seven Seas Worldwide can’t really assist you with the emotional stuff but we can certainly help to reduce the stress of the physical move.

We’ve designed this thing called a StoreCube™, it’s a super-smart way of moving your items from A to B, particularly if you need somewhere to store your items before you reach B.

The big self-storage companies all appear to miss one vital detail when dealing with customers’ personal belongings; they don’t collect. No, it’s up to you to overload your car or hire a van to take all your items to their storage facility. That’s a bit of a pain isn’t it?

So if you need to store your items before moving into your new address, speak to us about the StoreCube™. We’re different to self-storage companies in that we come to you. The StoreCube™ is a container inside a trailer that we park outside your old address. All you have to do is load it with boxes of your belongings. (Oh by the way, we can provide you with empty boxes and packing materials before the StoreCube™ arrives, so you’re all set to go when it does.)

When you’re ready to move into your new home, give us a call to arrange a date and we’ll swing by to deliver your items back to you at your new address. Did you see the part where you have to go to a storage facility to pick it all up yourself? No, you didn’t. Because you don’t have to. Storing your items with a StoreCube™ means never having to visit a storage facility again. Think about that for a moment.

Speak to us about moving and storing today. Call the team, visit the website or get a quote right now!

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