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Is there any better storage service than the storage space that can be moved?

No need to worry about hiring trucks to transport items to the warehouse.

We come to the door to help you transfer and store your personal belongings.

We will send the StoreCube to your home, where you can freely use the space and send it to the warehouse for storage. After the end of the storage period, you only need to contact us with a quick phone call, we will send the StoreCube to your new address, whether it is overseas, another city, or simply another place in the same city. You don't need to hire a truck anymore, let us move your storage space to serve you!

StoreCube is a new kind of storage, and luggage storage is no longer complicated and stress-free. You don't need to hire a van or take a taxi to take your items to Storage.

We will make the space in a StoreCube for you. You only need to put the items to be stored in the wooden StoreCube.

We will solve the remaining problems for you.


All you have to do is contact us, no pressure, it's simple. Moreover, we have a logistics network and our own warehouses all over the world. The StoreCube/MoveCube will be sealed with moisture-proof black tape and stored safely in the warehouse.

Just call us before ending the store and we will arrange for the lodge to be delivered to your new address. Is it easier than this? Get a quote online now or consult our 24-hour customer service inquiry book!

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