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A recent breakthrough with some relocation companies is the introduction of a mini shipping container brought directly to your home address for loading, ensuring safe, secure and hassle-free transportation of your personal belongings. Seven Seas Worldwide provides this through our MoveCube® service. But what makes a MoveCube® better than the other maritime containers? Let us explain.

First of all, our MoveCube® is a little more flexible. It can be delivered to your door, positioned outside your garage, garden shed or front door, or even within a storage facility should you just wish to store your belongings. If the MoveCube® cannot be left in a garden or a driveway, then it can be left in the street within its trailer. 

A maritime container sits on a chassis that must remain on the road which can be a problem in many locations such as city centres where the parking is limited and, to put no finer point on it, a pain in the neck. Plus the chassis is quite a bit longer than the MoveCube® trailer.

One or more MoveCubes® can be delivered on one day or multiple days if required which means you don't have to hurriedly pack everything in one day. If you want, you can pack in stages and load each MoveCube® as you go, giving you more space and more time. The maritime container however must be packed on the day it arrives with additional charges if you exceed the time it takes to pack.

The MoveCube® can be stepped into. That's right. You can just climb into the thing, walk around and decide where you want to put boxes, without the aid of steps. The maritime container on the other hand rests on a chassis which is designed to take up to 44 tonnes which means it needs to sit around 5 feet or 1.5 metres above the ground.

Only YOUR possessions are packed into a MoveCube®: Once it's packed, it's sealed - barring any unscheduled investigations by customs officials. The MoveCube® will then be packed into our large shipping container alongside other MoveCubes® and consignments. However, a maritime container could be included with any other general cargo that the shipper has sold off including chemicals and engine parts - items that are not necessarily hazardous, though you wouldn't want your possessions sitting next to them. 

The MoveCube® can either be delivered to an address to be emptied or it can be stored pending your instructions. MoveCubes® can be imported into one port but can then be relocated to other cities depending on your plans. In either case, your possessions are held safely and securely within the MoveCube®, untouched. Peace of mind and all that.

A maritime container can also be delivered to a destination address but this must be in the vicinity of the port of discharge. There will be significant costs if the container needs to be relocated to another city that is well outside the port. If there is no address or the destination address is in another city then the container will have to be emptied. 

So, you can see there's no contest here. Have a look at our MoveCube® page now and get a quote via our freight calculator to see how much you could save.

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