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Fee or Flee?

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Since the introduction of tuition fees and now with the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the UK is gradually becoming a less attractive option in which to study. In a recent student guide published by Tutora, an online provider of personal tutors, tuition fees are considerably less throughout Europe compared to the UK.

In Germany, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) the German Academic Exchange Council provides full support – financial and otherwise – for international students who choose to study in Germany. Students can expect a monthly scholarship of somewhere in the region of €750 which certainly covers the costs of any student living in Germany. For instance €500 could easily cover housing, transportation and healthcare combined. Only a small, one-off payment of €150-250 is required at the beginning of the term to cover the administrative costs.

Many more students from both the UK and the US (where fees are also particularly high) are now flocking to Europe having witnessed for themselves the previous generation back home struggling to pay off thousands of pounds-worth of student debt. A student studying a course in Germany for free could expect to pay £9,250 for the same course in the UK. The benefits of a three-year sojourn in Deutschland are not hard to see.

However due to the growing global trend of education having a price tag, experts are predicting that that the German government are considering putting an abrupt end to this notable generosity. The area of Baden-Württemberg is reintroducing tuition fees for non-EU students this autumn with other states believed to be following suit including Germany's most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia. Critics have already voiced their concerns, forecasting that the introduction of such fees will simply drive away international students along with the numerous benefits they bring to the country as a whole.

So it seems these days that escalating tuition fees may well be an inescapable burden on the road to academic achievement wherever you choose to study. Our only hope is that the businesses who employ students part-time start rewarding them a lot more handsomely than they’ve ever done before.

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