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Think About a MoveCube®

We've received quite a bit of attention on Facebook recently from customers who have moved abroad with a MoveCube®, so we thought we'd share the love with a blog post, just in case you were thinking of moving with us too.

Chantelle Pooley posted to 'Poms Wanting Oz' showing other potential customers just how much you can store inside a Large MoveCube®. Even we were surprised by the amount. Good luck unpacking all that, Chantelle.

Karl Robbins in Perth also praised our MoveCube® service noting that the cube had been untouched throughout its journey from the UK to Oz. He was also a little bewildered as to how they were able to fit so much into a Large MoveCube® but as you can see, the spacious garage is now home to every item shipped. Good luck to you and the family on your adventure Down Under, Karl.

If you're looking to move to Australia or elsewhere in the world, take a look at our MoveCube® page and find out what we can do for you. We now offer a Multiple MoveCube® service, sending as many MoveCubes® as you need for moving day. Get a free quote or call a member of the team. Oh and if you've used us in the past, get in touch, we'd love to hear your story!


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