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Starting a New Chapter - Storing with a MoveCube

There's no way of sugar-coating it: If you're moving abroad, there's a lot to do. Every day thousands of people step on a plane, bound for a new home and a new life abroad. And many of them wonder how on earth they managed it. But with the right balance of preparation and level-headedness, starting a new life overseas can be achieved without the stress. One way of ensuring things do go smoothly is by employing a StoreCube™.

What makes moving overseas so stressful (for the most part) is the sheer logistical planning towards transporting every item in your possession from A to B. In some cases, these items also need to be stored away before they can be moved while you ensure everything is in place at the other end of the journey. The more companies you call in to deal with this transfer, the more complicated it will be. This is why Seven Seas Worldwide has developed a method of moving and storage that simplifies the journey - the StoreCube™.

The StoreCube™ is a container inside a trailer that we park outside your home - all you have to do is load it with your belongings. It also comes in three sizes, depending on the contents of your shipment. If you are faced with the problem of storing your items before they're moved to their final destination overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide can help. Before us, if you wanted to store your belongings somewhere safe, you would have had to transport it to one of those expensive, brightly-coloured self-storage facilities. Not anymore. A StoreCube™ can collect and store your items before then transporting them to your new address abroad. Just call us to arrange a time and date and we'll be there. It's like a taxi service for your belongings and it means never having to visit a storage facility ever again.

If you're moving abroad soon, the StoreCube™ could well be the answer to all your logistical problems. Give us a call or try our free quote engine. You've got nothing to lose.

Oh and good luck with the move!



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