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Make Your Business Our Business with the Commercial MoveCube®

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You hear a lot about the 'global community' these days; growing feats in technology continue to make the world a smaller place. And although those in international business are making the most of these advances, the act of physically moving commercial goods from country-to-country is still rooted in tradition.

Transporting volumes of commercial items overseas on a regular basis requires an extraordinary amount of planning and preparation both in the air and on the sea because any logistical slip-up could easily snowball, thus creating a knock to your profits and damaging your international reputation.

Seven Seas Worldwide has spent nearly two decades ensuring the safe collection and delivery of millions of personal belongings all over the world, and we've decided to use this expertise for the commercial market. Whether you're an international business owner with a corporate consignment or a student living in shared accommodation with a few bags of essentials, moving can be a stressful experience, so we decided we'd make the process as effortless as possible by streamlining it and taking the burden away from you.

From this, we came up with the MoveCube® which we think will one day revolutionise the way people think about moving commercial goods.

The Commercial MoveCube® is a mini shipping container inside a trailer which - unlike other methods of cargo shipping - Seven Seas Worldwide will deliver to your front door: Now this could be at your home, a garage, a shop or storage unit. Providing we have the address, we can come to you. This means you can load your commercials goods directly into the Commercial MoveCube® without needing to transport them to the port yourself.

After loading, our driver will then take it away to a secure storage facility until it is ready to be transferred to its designated container ship, bound for your chosen destination. We believe in sending commercial goods by sea because it not only keeps the cost down but it's also the greener option. However, if you're in more of a hurry, we can send your items by air too.

For more information, call a member of the team or get a free quote now via our freight calculator.


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