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A Gift for the Baby - Our New MilkMail Service

We at Seven Seas Worldwide are proud to announce that we can now ship baby milk powder to China. We've given this the name "MilkMail".

So what does MilkMail do and how can it help you?

Good questions. Well, if you live in the UK and you want to send milk powder to an address in China, we offer an affordable and stress-fee way of doing it. We've designed special boxes just for the job and we're very excited about them. Well, as excited as you can be about boxes.

We're calling them 'Mail Boxes' and they can hold up to 6 tins of baby milk powder with a maximum weight of 6 kg. You are only permitted to send one Mail Box per shipment. Sorry, it's the rules. Once ordered, your box will be sent by air with a transit time of 14 days.

Seven Seas Worldwide has a strong base in China and has spent nearly twenty years delivering and collecting items there. We're one of the most trusted shipping companies in the world for sending personal belongings and excess baggage to China, so if you want to get milk powder sent to China now, there's only one company to talk to.

This is what happens: similar to our regular excess baggage service, we'll deliver an empty Mail Box to your address for you to load with the milk powder of your choosing. Make sure you do it safely, securely and don't exceed the maximum weight limit otherwise that'll cause unnecessary delays (as opposed to the necessary kind). Then we'll turn up again to collect the Mail Box and send it, door-to-door, overseas to China.

That's pretty much it. And to top it off, we've got a special introductory rate of £45 per Mail Box. Amazing. Get going with your own milk powder export today.


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