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Showing on a Screen Near You

A lot of our time is divided these days between three electronic devices - our phone, our tablet and our PC or laptop. Of course, there should also be a portion of time devoted to walking around and looking at trees but that's for another blog post. We all have our own habits when it comes to operating these devices; some of us use the phone for social media, some of us use the laptop for shopping, some of us use the tablet for time-wasting games that don't appear to ever stop. Ever.

However, there's one thing that remains a constant - we expect whatever we're viewing to fit the screen we're using. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing a website struggle to fit your screen and become a jumbled pile of text and shapes. And the refusal of some websites to even adapt to your screen so you have to scroll from left to right to read a sentence, is similarly annoying.

As the digital world changes daily, we've made sure we stay ahead of the game with a new website that's fully adaptable and easy to use on any device. We're very proud of our new website. Have you had a look round? You really should spend a few minutes on it and see what we can do for you. It's a much more responsive site and our quote engine has been improved significantly so it's much easier to get a quote now, wherever you are, whether you're on the move or sitting at home with your feet up.

Check out the home page, take the tour, watch the videos and get a quote today!


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