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How to Pack Kitchenware

In the first of several blogs about how to pack before a move, our packing expert below provides a list of do's and don't's on packing kitchenware. Naturally there will be things you already know - a lot of it is basic common sense - but our video aims to help you think outside the box, all puns intended. For instance, if you're going abroad, we recommend a thorough cleaning of your plates and cutlery before you pack them in anticipation of any rigorous customs officials.

Also, if you are packing plates, a good idea would be to stand them upright to ensure zero breakages at your final destination. Oh and wrap each individual plate in both newspaper and bubble-wrap for extra safety.

Check out the vid for more advice and don't forget to order your boxes directly from us. Seven Seas Worldwide packing boxes are strong and chemically-hardened to withstand long journeys.

Happy moving.

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