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And You’re Off (To Australia)

This is our second blog about relocating overseas, moving home and shipping to Australia. There’s a lot to go through, you see, so we’re breaking it up a bit. This time we’re writing about travel plans.

So that’s it. You’re off. You’ve made all the necessary arrangements, hugged the rellies goodbye and watched your last episode of whatever terrible soap opera you've been glued to. So how do you make the transition as smooth as possible (presuming you've already hired Seven Seas Worldwide for all your international shipping needs)?

Presumably there will be friends and family to help during this time, so just the simple act of letting everyone know your whereabouts will make your journey easier. Draw up a little spreadsheet that explains your movements and contains addresses, phone numbers, etc. during this busy period. Make sure all your contacts both home and in Australia have a copy. Oh and make sure they read it otherwise that tip won’t work.

Australia’s customs are the among strictest in the world - as an excess baggage company, we know all too well. You’re probably aware that most animals and plants cannot be taken into the country but there are other items that could lead to a dreaded ‘inspection’. For instance, if you’re taking shoes or boots with you, wash them thoroughly before packing. Any mud on your footwear could lead to them being confiscated. (We told you they were strict.)

If you find you have packed a fair amount of household items and furniture for the move, it may be in your best interests to ditch some of it. Sorry we meant ‘eBay’ some of it. It’s understandable that you would take items of sentimental value but if you can replace an item with something similar in Australia, take that option. It will cost less and you won’t have to worry about transportation.

Yes, we know this blog is linked to Seven Seas Worldwide - but just think of this tip as a selfless act on our part. We're nice like that.

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