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Moving To Australia

This is our third blog about relocating overseas by moving to Australia. You can read it in any order you want. It’s not a strict set of rules, more a loose explanation of what to expect and advice on what to do if you're moving abroad. This blog entry from Seven Seas Worldwide is about the bit between getting off the plane and starting your new life.

So you bumble down the staircase out of the plane, experiencing a mixture of excitement and jet lag. What’s next? Well after you’ve looked up at the clear blue sky for a few minutes, reminding yourself why you did all this in the first place, it’s time to go to Immigration for all the necessary inspections and checks. Make sure you have your passport and your ‘Incoming Passenger Card’ (IPC) for handing over to immigration officers.

It might be a good idea to change your currency for Aussie dollars while you’re at the airport. We suggest $20, $10 and $5 notes and $2 and $1 coins. Oh and expect to pay a commission. Don’t forget the usefulness of the information desk too for other things such as short-term accommodation and transport options. Speaking of which, if you’re thinking about hiring a car from the airport, you’ll need your driver’s licence handy. Your entry into Australia will be delayed if you fail to produce the right travel documents and visas. Sorry if we sounded a bit like a customs official there, but it’s true.

Once you’ve been cleared by immigration, it’s onwards to baggage collection, and we all know nothing beats the sheer exhilaration of standing by a slow-moving conveyor belt shuffling battered luggage in a circle for half an hour – none of which is yours. It really is the best way to start a holiday. Especially when, as excess baggage experts, we could have just shipped it there for you in the first place (hint hint).

After collecting, Customs or Border Protection officers may then request to check your luggage. If they do, say yes. It’s for the best. Even if you used our wonderful excess baggage shipping service.

This is the final hurdle. After this, Australia is your oyster. (By the way, the oysters in Australia are amazing).

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