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Job Interviews In Australia

Job interviews can be scary but they take on extra weight if you’re trying to get a job to start a career in another country. This blog from the experts in excess baggage shipping, Seven Seas Worldwide, hopes to relieve you of that extra scary weight. And ship your stuff for you of course, but that's not the focus right now.

If you’re moving to Australia from the UK or the United States, you will at least be sharing the same language as your potential employers (barring one or two local idioms that may have failed to cross the Indian Ocean) but it’s important to know what to expect as Australian employers are just as conscientious as anyone else - despite the nation’s famously laidback reputation, so put those Foster's adverts at the back of your mind. Actually, put them at the back of your mind regardless; they're awful.

You’re lucky enough to be living in the digital age. Seriously, you’re tremendously fortunate, we can’t stress this enough. Do you realise how amazing that is? To just type something into a search engine bar and receive billions of pages on the subject in question? It’s incredible. And with that in mind, surely a little research on your employers won’t go a miss. Hit up their official website, find out about their business, think about how you’d fit into the company dynamic and how your talents could be successfully employed there.

Take a notepad and pen in with you. Your interviewers will usually tell you a bit about themselves and the company so it’s good to jot down any relevant information that you can refer to later. It's best not to use your phone as a notepad. No matter how you style it, you'll always look like you're texting. It always looks a bit rude. Try not to do it.

Perhaps at the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions, you can fashion a question from your notes. It’s good to have a question than not have one. We don’t need to explain why, do we? Thought not. Let’s move on.

It’s important to be friendly, assertive and, if you can, funny. Throwing in the odd joke or humourous observation during the interview could make all the difference. After all, a sense of humour is important to the dynamic of any team you’re working in. If you don't have a sense of humour, then we can't help you. You've probably given up on this blog post by now anyway. Good luck.

Oh and dress smartly. It doesn’t matter what the job is, you need to show you care enough to make an impression. This will work wherever you're going for a job actually, not just when you're moving abroad to Australia or wherever.

That’s it really. Make sure your hands aren’t clammy before shaking theirs and go get ‘em. And let us know how you get on too.

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