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Emigrating With A Young Family

Emigration with a young family. It’s impossible to imagine that sentence to be any more stress-inducing. ‘Emigration with a young family – and a troop of wild monkeys’ perhaps?

Nevertheless, if you’ve decided that living abroad is the best option for you and your children, it’s time to make the necessary arrangements. Here's a quick guide from your favourte excess baggage company.

An important factor when choosing the right school in Australia is seeing through the promotional material – buzzwords and glossy brochures are one thing but what can this school really offer your child? You must do the research.

Competition for places in Australian schools is high, so it’s perhaps a good idea to find out about the schooling first before you start shipping overseas and picking your ideal home. There’s no point finding the three-bed of your dreams, only to find that a jet is the sole method of transport to the nearest school.

It may be worth your while to speak to a relocation management company in Australia that deals specifically with helping expats find their footing, as they may very well help set up meetings with the right people regarding your favoured schools - headmasters, administrators, those sorts of people. If you are relocating for an employer, remember to ask about financial packages as some companies do offer to contribute to educational fees.

Oh and let’s not forget a top class company that's an expert in international relocation, to move your stuff from A to B for you!

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