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Make Me An Offer - Australian Property

The property market in Australia got through the economic crisis relatively unscathed with house prices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Canberra steadily rising in recent years. So as well as the weather, the health care and education systems and the quality of life, Australia also has a strong dollar. Lucky blighters.

However, be prepared for the possibility that moving overseas and the pursuit of a dream home in Oz could be a bumpy ride. Here's a few pointers from your favourite global shipping company about moving to Australia. Also a couple of shameless plugs about our excess baggage shipping, which is great for moving your stuff, or the even more fantastic MoveCube, which lets you put your whole house in a box to move it. Pretty darn brilliant for shipping to Australia, or anywhere else for that matter. How amazing is that?


As with the UK, if you can buy a property that, as they say, ‘needs a bit of work’ and knock the seller down on the asking price, you could find yourself with a desirable investment – particularly if you’re lucky enough to find the property in an up-and-coming area or one going through extensive regeneration. You’ll know which areas are undergoing regeneration – there will be a lot of bright colours, straight edges and hipsters in red jeans wearing non-prescription glasses. Actually maybe that’s just the UK. I digress.

Of course there’s a chance you might not be so lucky. New houses are being built all the time. (Obviously. You don’t build old houses. I digress again. Sorry.) However, not enough new houses are being built to cope with the influx of new arrivals which is pushing the prices up. A house which may have been within your reach a few years ago, may now be as far off as the Disneyland Castle.

A tip that’s no doubt obvious but worth mentioning is that you should stay close to (but not necessarily on) the coast when viewing property. Should you wish to move at a later date, you will never find a shortage of prospective buyers whatever the price.

The best way to ensure a smooth transition is to talk to your chosen bank in Oz. There are four big ones – Commonwealth, National Australia, Westpac and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. It should be one of these from whom you obtain a mortgage, so speak to their advisers about house prices and house-buying in general in Australia.

I mean, if you can’t trust a bank, who can you trust?

Wait. Scrap that. You know what I mean.

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