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St Patrick's Day Holiday Deals

Did you know St Patrick’s Day is on March 18th this year? Thought not. It’s normally on the 17thbut as this day is on a Sunday this year, it’s been shifted along one day. So there you go. The novelty Guinness hat and green tinsel wig can stay in the wardrobe a little longer.

If you’ve turned to your partner recently and said ‘Darling, why don’t we book a flight to the place St Patrick Christianised the Irish from their native polytheism in the year 432?’ then this is the blog for you. At Seven Seas Worldwide we've found a number of cheap flight deals for those looking to celebrate St Patrick’s Day where it should be celebrated.

Ryanair are flying out from London Stansted to Dublin from around £70 per person and from Luton at around £90 per person. They’re also flying out from Manchester to Dublin at around £45. Thomas Cook are offering a range of St Patrick’s Day breaks to Dublin, Cork and Belfast with flight-and-hotel deals starting from around £100 per person.

For those in the US shipping abroad and needing a rundown of flight deals to Dublin, Belfast and Shannon, check out Prices start at $460 for a roundtrip including taxes. Alternatively, you could stay closer to home for St Patrick’s Day with’s flight deals to Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Aer Lingus can get you from London Gatwick to Dublin in time for St Patrick’s Day at around £130 per person and British Airways are flying out from London Heathrow to Dublin at around £270 per person.

Alternatively, you could try your local O’Neill’s pub. It’s cheaper and they probably won’t frown on your shamrock-shaped novelty glasses. You also won't require our own expert excess baggage services. Not as much fun as packing big boxes of green stuff up for shipping to Ireland though.

That last part was a shameless plug by the way.

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